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30-Nov-2016, 15:47

I am new here. I have decided to jump into alternative processes for printing B+W negatives.
I have a couple of questions regarding safety, and cleanup with the chemicals used.

I am limited in space, and have access to two bathrooms. One with a shower, and one with a bathtub.

I want to be able to mix sensitizers, and toners, but am concerned about the safety of those items spilling in my work area.

I will initially be doing Cyanotypes, Vandyke prints, and possibly Kallitypes. I will also be using a gold toner.

Where would be the best place to mix these items in the space I have?
How do I clean up after myself, and insure that any residue is not harmful to anyone else using these areas?
How do I discard the solutions after use?

I am also limited in glass lab ware. How do I properly, safely clean the lab ware to make sure it is safe, and I don't cross contaminate?

I am using a mortar and pestle to grind some toxic components. How do I properly clean that after use?

Thanks in advance for any direction.

30-Nov-2016, 16:07
The best thing for mixing powdered chemicals is to do it outside in a place sheltered from wind. Once the chemicals used in these processes are in solution they are far less toxic.

That being said some of these chemicals are corrosive and can stain things easily when spilled (e.g. Silver nitrate). Consider covering your work area with newspaper or butcher paper before each printing session and then discard the paper at the end. This minimizes clean-up and makes it harder to leave chemical residue around when you spill things unaware.

Basic cleaning of labware with dish soap and a good rinse should be enough.