View Full Version : Taylor-Hobson 10 1/2 inch is covering how much?

29-Nov-2016, 12:09
I have a old Taylor-Hobson Cooke Portrait Anastigmat 10 1/2 inch, Serie llB, f4.5
Serial# 202139

Considering to sell it, but I would prefer to give correct info about the lens.
Normally reduce the amount of interesting discussions after the sale..

If I under stand it right, this lens covers 4x5 and also 5x7 good, but heavy vingeting on 8x10?

Grateful for any information


Steven Tribe
29-Nov-2016, 12:24
Up to full plate ( 6.5x8.5").

30-Nov-2016, 00:00
That is what was listed in the catalogs but, I have this lens. It covers 8x10 with room for small movements. So in other words, no vignetting.

Jim Galli
30-Nov-2016, 19:11
It's a lovely lens but is the aperture broken or is that just a not so good picture (#4). Looks like it was sold originally in the French market. Flou ~ Artistique. First I've seen inscribed that way.