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Walter Foscari
14-May-2005, 14:19
Iíve standardized on FP4+ and ID-11 (1+1) in a rotary processor for all my b&w work. But after Ilfordís recent troubles Iím having difficulties finding ID-11. No big deal since thereís its equivalent from the yellow world D-76 which is readily available. My question is for those who have used both. I would like to avoid doing extensive testing as far as possible. So, for a start, can I safely assume that I can use the same times for D-76 as I was using for ID-11? Did you notice one requiring longer or shorter times over the other? Thanks.


ronald moravec
14-May-2005, 17:15
I switched to D 76 and used the time for FP4 + righ off the Ilfort sight -8 min. Worked right out of the box. I think the Id11 time was 30 sec longer. I use a condenser enlarger for black and white.

Break the 76 down into small one time use bottles. The activity level first goes up and then down in unpredictable ways with exposure to air. In full sealed glass stored in the dark, there will be no trouble.

Craig Schroeder
14-May-2005, 19:52
A few times over the years I've used ID-11 instead of D-76 and each time, I found it slightly less active than the yellow package. I've consistently read of their interchangeability and that they're the same but after repeated episodes, I'd say there's a slight difference. Your D-76 times are certainly a good starting point and you might find no difference like many others!

neil poulsen
14-May-2005, 23:34
Take a look at the following data sheet for FP4. Ilford gives recommended times both ID-11 and for D76. It's on Page 3.


Walter Foscari
16-May-2005, 07:20
Run some quick tests yesterday and it turned out that the ID-11 times work fine with D-76 as well. Perhaps as mentioned by other posters D-76 appears to be just a bit more active, but the difference is so minimal that I'm not sure I will want to readjust the settings.
Thanks to all who contributed.

Glenn Thoreson
19-May-2005, 21:13
The straight scoop - ID-11 is the original D-76 formula, D-76 no longer is. Still, times and such are pretty much the same.

Struan Gray
20-May-2005, 00:46
My recollection is as Glenn: modern "D-76" includes more buffering than the original formula, ID-ll doesn't. If you have noticably acid water the buffering could well make the Kodak formula appear to have more activity.

Dave Moeller
20-May-2005, 06:57
Word on the Ilford Forum is that the powdered Ilford chemicals (including ID-11, Perceptol, and possibly others) will start showing up again at the end of May. No specific release schedule for each individual item as far as I can tell, but B&H is showing ID-11 as available on May 30.

Hope this helps someone...