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25-Nov-2016, 03:43
157912Is there someone with experience with Sinar Expolux Shutter? I want to use it for aero ektar lens. I have no idea how can I work with monitor :-) When I switched on the monitor I have to chose between 6 lenses in the menu. And I do not know how to disable this, because I do not use these lenses... Can not find user manual :-(

25-Nov-2016, 16:24
Try this place for manual.

26-Nov-2016, 06:26

28-Nov-2017, 15:58
Hi Serguei, I know it is an old thread, but I wanted to ask if you could find a solution? It is many many years ago I worked on this system with sinar lenses. As far as I know, the monitor unit is controlling aperture and exposure time on shutter and sinar DB lenses, Lenses with code plates were recognized automatically by the system, others you had to choose in the menu. If you want o use a lens not in Sinar DB Mount, you have to set aperture direct at the lens and only exposure time in the monitor. You can choose any of the lenses in the menu it has no affect to the aperture control. Hope it helps. And, by the way, if you don't want to use the Expolux anymore or plan to sell it, let me know.