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24-Nov-2016, 10:30
My second attempt to use the view camera.
My first serious attempt at movements.
My first use of the SP-445 dev tank.
My first use after Flutot worked on my shutters.

Yesterday I composed a visual pun.
I mounted the Ektar 203mm f7.7 on my C-401, applied forward tilt, and stopped to f22.
The light meter (Pentax K-S2) recommendations jittered between 6 and 17 seconds.
The reciprocity curve indicated 90 seconds for a 10 second indication.
I bracketed 60 & 120 sec and made the exposures.

Then I made a rookie mistake.
I reversed the rear dark slide... in the rear.
I forgot which was which so I put both in the tank.

This morning I prerinsed in distilled water,
Mixed Rodinal 1:50 and ran it for somewhere between 8 & 9 min at 20 C.
Distilled water was the stop. Eco pro rapid fix was used.
I filled and drained with distilled water.
Distilled water and three tiny drops of photo flo finished the job.

I removed the sheet from the tank's holder inelegantly, failing to get a good grip the first try.
I also set it down improperly thinking it was the empty one!
And I set it up to dry.

Almost success!
I will keep trying when school labs are over and done with.

I haven't posted photos to this sort of forum in a couple years so bear with me.

24-Nov-2016, 11:37
Funny, the very first test negatives I made with my De Vere lf monorail camera were of a Pentax SIa and a Spotmatic F back around 1976. I don't know of any film that needs 90 seconds to allow for reciprocity for a 10 second exposure, not even Fomapan 100 or 200, I tested the films about 7 or 8 years ago for a true reciprocity figure which was half a stop at 1 second and a stop at 10 seconds, both films at half box speed.

Practice makes perfect, keep going :D