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24-Nov-2016, 04:59
This is my first post, so hopefully I am doing this correctly. I have chosen this thread because it seems to have people who might help with my question.
I recently bought a box with 3 cameras, there is one I cannot identify. It is a monorail camera I think, but the rail & some other parts are missing. It comprises two ground glass screens that are sprung for twin cut-fim holders (5 by 4) & (6by8 I think). There is also a graflex 23 film back. There is then a bellows section a front standard and a hood bellows unit. The whole is painted in a grey crackle finish. see photo. Ideas please.


24-Nov-2016, 05:02

This is a second photo.

Oren Grad
24-Nov-2016, 05:30
I've moved this to its own thread.

24-Nov-2016, 05:57
It's bits of a De Vere camera. This is one I sold on this Forum so you can see what's mssing, this was a Whole plate. Half plate, 5x4 monorail with 3 backs.




24-Nov-2016, 13:36
Thanks Ian, an instant solution. Just what the forum is about. Geoff

26-Nov-2016, 01:47
Just to confirm that it is DeVere as Ian says.
I have the very same whole plate camera as at Ian's pics

26-Nov-2016, 02:46
Geoff's camera is probably the smaller 5x4 De Vere Devon monorail which has a square profile rail.


3-Dec-2016, 15:05
Thanks for all the advice, I sold the camera via eBay for 55 which was a bargain for someone with a bit of ingenuity. It went to Denmark by the way. I'm happy its gone to a good home to be used. At the same time I also acquired a Dawe 1714B which is a fully usable item. Although the focal plane is U/S the Syncro-Compur works well and the Lens is a Schneider Xenar f4.7. This is also on eBay. All the others are pre-1940 which is my area of interest so the selling should stop for a while.158237

3-Dec-2016, 15:23
Well your Dawe is a very rare camera, very few were made. Son good buy even if the shutter doesn't work.

55 was a very good price for those De Vee parts