View Full Version : sourcing chemicals in Canada

23-Nov-2016, 11:38
B&H seem to be 'pick up only' now on C41 and E6 chemicals, and I cant be bothered to drive to NYC from Toronto

I can get B&W powders from a store downtown, but they dont do colour kits.
does anyone know of a reliable (preferably cheap) place to get C-41 and E6 chemicals from in Canada / Toronto?


Bob Salomon
23-Nov-2016, 12:55
What about Henry's?

Kevin Harding
23-Nov-2016, 16:36
You can try Film Plus near Symington and Dupont. If you prefer to order online, there's always Argentix.

23-Nov-2016, 17:28
If you are in Toronto look at Argentix.ca he's really good to deal with and ships from Quebec. His prices on C-41 and E-6 kits are as good or better than B&H.

Out here on the other side of the country I use Beau Photo a lot.

24-Nov-2016, 08:11
Another vote for Argentix.ca and Beau Photo if you're ever out here. Jacques at Argentix.ca is very helpful.

24-Nov-2016, 08:34
I use Argentix.ca for all my photo needs. You can talk to Jacques at Argentix.ca and he will probably get you what you want even if he doesn't have it on his web.
I am doing a cyanotype printing and Jacques got me Ferric ammonium Citrate.


24-Nov-2016, 08:43
thanks all
I'll try Argentix

Are we limited to those unicolor press kits these days?