View Full Version : Help understanding Kodak Supermatic No. 2 shutter

22-Nov-2016, 21:00
I recently purchased a Kodak Vigilant Six-16 camera with the goal of modifying it for use with 120 film. I was testing out the shutter (a Kodak No. 2 Supermatic), when I think I did something bad. At first I could cock the shutter and trigger it, but then when I pulled another level on the side of the shutter (within the red circle in the picture) I am no longer able to trigger the shutter. When I press on the shutter nothing happens and I do not want to force it. I had cocked the shutter, changed the shutter speed, and then pulled this lever. I have been looking online for a diagram of this shutter to see what the lever was, and it seems like it could be a "Press Focus lever" (from the Vigilant Six-16 manual, although their diagram is not for the Supermatic). The lever is in the red circle in the picture. I cannot push the lever back up to its original position.

What is that lever and what can I do so that I can trigger the shutter again?

Thank you for your help!