View Full Version : Where to repair a bellows for obsolete Linhof 4x5?

John Menszer
17-Sep-1999, 18:55
My Linhof Kardan Super Color ST is in excellent condition except that the except ionlly thin plastic bellows are shot. Who can repair it?

Bob Salomon
17-Sep-1999, 19:42
Linhof factory Service in the U.S. is:

Marflex 39 US 46 Pine Brook, NJ 07058

(973) 808-9626

If you are in the U.S. they should be able to help you.

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
17-Sep-1999, 20:54
If you don't mind going with a non-brand name you could also try Universal Bellows in New York, Great Western Bellows in Rancho Cucamunga, CA and Flexible Products in FL. I have posted the addresses in an earlier post about bellows repair/replacement so check the archive.

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
17-Sep-1999, 21:11
The address for two of the companies is on the Deardorff Bellows Replacement question in the Cameras subject heading category.

Great Western is at 9340 7th Street, Suite G Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730-5664 phone 909- 980-0606 This info was current as of 8/96

Bob Salomon
17-Sep-1999, 21:12
The bellows on the ST and its predecessor the Kardan Standard 45 was rather special. It allowed full movements with any lens 65mm or longer with the non-interchangeable pleated bellows. You will not find 3rd party bellows that will be as flexible save possibly for the one from Lee Filters parent company who actually made the bellows for these cameras for Linhof.