View Full Version : Zone VI web site

Alex Ragen
11-May-2005, 22:42
Does anybody know what the Zone VI web site's URL is? I have tried all the usual ways of finding this information but to no avail.

Will Strain
11-May-2005, 23:06
They were aquired by Calumet, as far as I know. And no longer have their own site.

Dean Tomasula
12-May-2005, 06:56
Zone VI no longer exists as a separate company. They were acquired by Calumet in the '80s or 'early '90s if I remember correctly.

neil poulsen
12-May-2005, 14:01
You can search for Zone or Zone VI on the Calumet website (www.calumetphoto.com) for information related to their products.