View Full Version : Back release on Technika IV

11-May-2005, 20:32
Even though I have very strong fingers, I find it nearly impossible to release the two little press-in chrome latches which lock the back of my Technika IV to the main body, (allowing it to be tilted etc). Is this a normal condition? I note that on pictures of the Master Tech they appear to have been replaced with sliding locks. TIA.

David A. Goldfarb
11-May-2005, 21:27
I do sometimes feel on my Tech V that I need three hands to operate the back, but sometimes it's easy. Must be some kind of touch I haven't quite gotten consistently.

Ole Tjugen
12-May-2005, 01:17
I have had a Technika III with Tech IV back (5x7"), and I still have a Linhof Color which is a monorail IV. And I have absolutely no idea what "little chrome latches" you are talking about??

Bob Salomon
12-May-2005, 02:45
No it is not normal. Your camera needs a CLA as it is at least 49 years old.

12-May-2005, 18:24
Ole, I just saw the picture of a 5x7 on eBay, and it doesn't seem to have them. Thanks for checking, anyhow.

Ole Tjugen
13-May-2005, 00:44
Bill, I apologise.

I have also checked, and see what you mean. I had no idea that the mechanism would be different between the Color and the Technika IV - but it is. Isn't it wonderful that these cameras work so great after 50 years that the main problem is that some controls are too tight? Most wood cameras feel way too "wobbly" after working with Linhofs for a while :)

Paul Butler
13-May-2005, 05:28
It most certainly is wonderful that my 1946 Technica 5x7 works so great, after almost 60 years! It has, however, been carefully cared for. All the controls work flawlessly and fall readily to hand, and the movements are very smooth. Everything feels very solid. I suppose a little "planned obsolescence" would help boost Linhof's sales of new equipment, but I am very glad that the people who made mine had no concept that their equipment wouldn't last forever with proper care and maintenance.

13-May-2005, 07:02
When I first got my IV 30 years ago (from the widow of a professional studio photographer), off it went to Marty Forsher for a couple of minor repairs, a complete CLA, and a new bellows. Four years ago it got a CL (no A required) and another new bellows. Both of the replaced bellows (and the leather focusing hood) had decomposed from dry rot, not from heavy use. Other than that, and occasional shutters CLA, it's apparently going to last forever. I don't know whether I'm happy or sad that the latest Master Technika hasn't changed enough to warrent upgrading. For obvious reasons, I do wish that it had interchangable bellows, though.

Bob Salomon
13-May-2005, 08:07
"For obvious reasons, I do wish that it had interchangable bellows, though."

Why? It handles lenses, with all of the movements, from 55 up on your camera and on the 2000 from 35mm up.

When would you need a WA bellows?