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17-Nov-2016, 01:22
Has anyone information of when Ilford ULF orders might arrive? I ordered 7x17 FP4 film from Midwest back in May and have not yet heard a word.
Thanks, Steve

Bob Mann
17-Nov-2016, 07:13
I received my order about 2 weeks ago from Badger - maybe you should check with Midwest.

karl french
17-Nov-2016, 09:44
Just got my 8x20 FP4+ a bit over a week ago.

Thom Bennett
17-Nov-2016, 10:39
Got my 7x17 HP-5 from Midwest. Had to give them a call to check on the order but they responded quickly. 2017 promises to be busy. 157538

17-Nov-2016, 10:42
Got my box of 5x7 Delta 100 from K&S in Palo Alto at the end of September.


18-Nov-2016, 20:01
Two weeks ago in San Francisco. 11x14

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19-Nov-2016, 01:44
I received my order in Moscow 2 months ago.

4-Dec-2016, 20:24
Great, still waiting for my 7x17 FP4....