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Jean pierre
11-May-2005, 10:12
je cherche des informations pour réparer la commande à billes du télémetre d'une graflex crown " télémetre dessus ".je n'ai rien trouver sur le cite graflex ni sur les divers doc.de réparation graflex !!!
Merci d'avance , une simple vue pourrait me suffir.

Oren Grad
11-May-2005, 10:29
I don't know of any copies of the repair manual for the top-mounted Graphic rangefinder that you can actually read on the web, but I found two listings on the web for repair manuals that you can buy for not too much money:

manuals4less.com/graflex.htm (http://manuals4less.com/graflex.htm)

Scroll down to item number GFX-21.

www.craigcamera.com/newrep.htm (http://www.craigcamera.com/newrep.htm)

Scroll down to item number 90027.

Good luck...

Dan Fromm
11-May-2005, 10:37

Pour plus des manuels, http://www.southbristolviews.com/

Bonne chance,


Oren Grad
11-May-2005, 10:50
Dan - That's a great resource, thanks for posting!

Steve Feldman
11-May-2005, 14:05
Yo, JP Dude!

Hozzit? Ease on over to www.graflex.org. It's da bomb. All is good.

(Let's see how Bablefish translates that.)


Emmanuel BIGLER
11-May-2005, 15:49
I find it impolite...

As far as I know, one of the biggest countries in Northern America does not have any official language listed in its Constitution.

So, I would find strange that a friendly LF photography forum managed by a team certainly able to speak many different languages would introduce a restrictive rule about a single language allowed for exchanges here. ;-);-)

Vous pouvez aussi re-poser cette question sur le forum moyen-grand format francophone
www.galerie-photo.info/forum/list.php?f=1 (http://www.galerie-photo.info/forum/list.php?f=1)
sur lequel il n'y a pas de langue officielle non plus, mais il y a tout de même quelques utilisateurs de chambres de presse américaines et pas mal de très bons bricoleurs ; on y parle couramment : le français, le suisse-romand, le wallon et le québecois, plus d'autres dialectes de la francophonie y compris un peu de pidginne-ingliche. N'est-ce pas Dan F. ?? ;-);-)

Nevertheless, most information available about Crown Graphic camera is in English ...

Peter Collins
11-May-2005, 20:19

Bienvenue! Je vous remercions pour nous visiter au forum. J'espere que les Etats-Unis et France souviennent ensembles leur histoire et l'amite que nous avons! Bonne chance!

jaime arroyo
11-May-2005, 21:13
No me opongo a que se haga uso de lenguajes estranjeros en esta nacion, es bueno mantener la lengua viva. Lo que quise decir con mi comentario fue ; Que el proposito de este foro es aprender unos de otros y si no nos comunicamos en un idioma comun no hay manera de que aprendamos nada. Pueden ustedes hablar frances hasta que se pongan azules, pero el hecho permanese que
no todos van a entender lo dicho. La constitucion de los estados unidos no establece un idioma
nacional, pero de que sirve si el lector no es capaz de entender lo que el documento relata, o se empena en aferarce a su propia lengua sin tener consideracion de los demas.

Dan Fromm
12-May-2005, 05:37
Jaime, que haran aqui ellos que no hablan ingles?

Creo que debemos dar ayuda a ellos que la buscan.



jaime arroyo
12-May-2005, 08:22
Hi, Dan:
I completely agree with you. I also realise that my motibtion has being missunderstood. I have nothing what so ever agaist, Jean Pierre on the contrary, I am very glad that there where people
out there that where in the position to help, Him. My point was and continue to be that use of the
English language is the most beneficial way to comunicate here not for a few but for the overwhelming majority. That said if some one out ther does not have the ability or confidence
to use English by all means use a native language chances are good his question will be answered.
I only hope that the answer will be in what ever language and also in English that we all may benefit from the experience as well as to get a glimpse of other culture which ever that may be. I
think this way it will be quite a lot more interesting. As to, Jean Pierre: Bienvenido, Benvenuto
and many happy returns.

Dan Fromm
12-May-2005, 08:43
jaime, I'm glad to see that we agree that using the same language facilitates communication. But there are still people who can use only one language. And there are many languages contending to be THE common language. On the whole, I think its best to communicate however we can, and that includes in, um, a minority language when nothing else is available.



Jean pierre
30-Aug-2005, 09:28
Thank you for all your replies. Unfortunatly, none of the links given provided an answer to my question concerning the most recents models of Gralfex Crown, not even the Graflex website...so I've found a solution on my own, with my little brain. Don't hesitate to send me an e-mail if you want to know more about it! ;-)
But remember I still don't speak english very well (this message being translated by my daughter).