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Aender Brepsom
11-May-2005, 09:53

the Horseman rollfilmholders 120 for 6x9 (for instance on a Horseman VH) indicate that you can take 8 exposures on a 120 film.

Why is it that I only get 7 complete pictures on it???

I insert the film and wind it until the counter says 1 and keep exposing until frame #8, but when the film comes back from the lab (and I have tried with 3 different labs!), there are only 7 images, starting at number 1 and ending at number 15. The first image I took is always missing or ruined.

Can anybody help me on this matter?

Thank you very much!

Oren Grad
11-May-2005, 10:10
I have never had a problem getting 8 pictures, properly spaced, using my Horseman 6x9/120 rollholders.

The first thing that occurs to me is that you might be winding too much film on to the takeup spool before you close the back. But this would result in your having too long a blank leader and losing a picture off the end of the roll, not the beginning.

But just in case, when you load the film, do you line up the arrow on the film leader with the index hole on the film insert before closing the back and winding on to frame 1?

Also, can you be more specific about what you mean when you say the first frame is "missing" or "ruined"? How is it "ruined"? Is it light-struck? Is it cut off because the exposure was made partially on to the leader rather than the film? Something else?

Oren Grad
11-May-2005, 10:16
Sorry - I may have confused things by using the term "leader" in two different ways. My point is the same as Michael's - when loading, you first advance the film in the insert until you see the arrow from the paper backing appear through the round hole in the pressure plate. Then you make sure the insert is properly seated in the housing, close the back and continue winding until the counter reads "1".

Aender Brepsom
11-May-2005, 13:49
Hello Oren, Hello Michael,

It is a shame, but I really just didn't load the film correctly!
After trying to do what you both suggested, I can see where my mistake was.

It is so easy ... once you know how to do it correctly!

I would like to thank you both very much for your help!! This forum and people like you sharing their knowledge here is just fantastic!

Greetings from Luxembourg/Europe!