View Full Version : 420mm Repro-Claron Coverage

Ray Van Nes
10-Nov-2016, 16:53
My curiosity has been piqued. I have a 420mm Repro-Claron which I use for 5x7 so coverage is ample. However, someone is selling one on Ebay making the claim that it could cover 11 x 14 or 7x17. I have searched high and low and cannot find any info on this. So I am hoping someone can satisfy my curiosity and inform me of what it actually covers.
Thank you

Dan Fromm
10-Nov-2016, 16:59
The Repro Claron brochure (download it from here: http://web.archive.org/web/20100922053809/http://www.schneiderkreuznach.com/archiv/archiv.htm) claims a 712 mm circle at 1:1. That means 356 mm at infinity. 11x14 and 7x17 want at least 452 and 467 mm respectively. The seller is blowing smoke. Normal for eBay sellers.

Ray Van Nes
11-Nov-2016, 13:50
Thank you Dan. That is good to know. I was fairly certain it would cover 8 x10 ok, but could not find anything to substantiate it. I agree with you about the ebay seller. Another seller has a Wollensak 8 1/4" Wide Field Graphic Raptar which I also own and making similar claims. From my sources it covers 358mm, which makes it a nice compact 8x10 lens.