View Full Version : Jobo AutoLab ATL 1000 C41 temperature problem

10-Nov-2016, 15:40
Hi folks,

I'm investigating the problem I have with films lacking shadow detail even with fresh chemistry. I found out my JOBO is initiating process when first solution (developer) reaches 35C instead of 38C.

I assume this maybe the culprit, but I have no idea how long is my processor behaving like this. I was checking the temperature of developer inside first bottle when I bought the machine, but this was many years ago and I don't remember having such large deviation.
Temperature of the water bath was always quickly accelerating in my processor, reaching even 42C and slightly decreasing during processing.
It's safe to say there is just no way I have constant temperature inside the drum while processing takes place. It may reach 38C by the end of 3'15'' cycle but I'm not entirely sure if this is a malfunction or normal behavior.

Would very much appreciate if there is someone who has done temperature check and can confirm it is normal ATL setting.

Would you perhaps suggest buying new bottle temp sensor?

Thank you again for your time folks.

All the best,