View Full Version : SP-457 film development tank for 5x7"!

9-Nov-2016, 23:31
I don't even own a 5x7" camera but I've pledged my $97 + shipping to this project. Once I have this I think I've worked out one of my major concerns with shooting 5x7", next up is buy a camera & holders.


There must be more interested people here, come on! 4 sheets of 5x7" in 32 oz/1 l solution.

10-Nov-2016, 03:38
I've already pledged.

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10-Nov-2016, 06:20
Oh darn..... nice!

10-Nov-2016, 06:48
Yes .... I have pledged too .

It is exactly what I need. I really want this project to go ahead !

Bob Mann
10-Nov-2016, 06:57
Interesting - they have improved on the film holder design to improve film back exposure to liquids. I sold the 4x5 I had because the solid ridged back left visible markings on the film I developed. Perhaps they should consider using the new design on the 4x5 tank as well.

10-Nov-2016, 12:19
This is somewhat hopeful from my point of view, although sadly it will still not be usable for double sided x-ray film, which is what I'm mostly interested in for anything larger than 4x5. Still, it's great to see that they're continuing developments.

David Aimone
5-Dec-2016, 13:18
I'm not affiliated with this Kickstarter, but I have the 4x5 tank and it works great. There aren't many options for 5x7.

Are there not enough 5x7 users here to make this happen? $100 and change. Seven days left.

11-Aug-2017, 10:58
I know this project failed, but retrospectively, would it have done better and made it across the funding line if it had also offered holders designed for eight sheets of 4x5 (i.e. 2 holders x4 sheets) in addition to the 4 sheets of 5x7?

That strategy was attempted by the 8x10 version with 5x7, but it seems to me that 4x5 and 5x7 together in 32oz of developer would have been an easier sell. I'd dump my MOD54 for that.