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Eric Leppanen
9-May-2005, 20:45
Looks like the word is out:


Will Strain
9-May-2005, 20:53
Another magic bullet in the digital printing arena...

Time will tell - they look good, I'm hoping they are as nice as they sound...and that I can scrape together enough to nab one. :)

David Luttmann
9-May-2005, 21:30

Now maybe I have an excuse to replace my 7600....

Will Strain
9-May-2005, 21:42
Dave, if it makes things easier, I'll take it off your hands. :D

neil poulsen
10-May-2005, 00:17
Of course, they'll be constrained! I wonder how long it will take before someone can actually get hold of one.

And, I suppose ink prices for the current models will go up, since it's "old" technology.

Edward (Halifax,NS)
10-May-2005, 06:22
With any luck I will be able to pick up a printer from 4 generations ago, really cheap.

Gene Crumpler
10-May-2005, 15:13

To bad I didn't know youwere looking for an older printer. I gave away a canon bjc-8200 a few weeks ago. that is about as cheap as they get:>)

Scott Fleming
10-May-2005, 16:23
Now aren't you glad you didn't buy that Epson 4000 you were slavering over? Sorry if you actually bought one.

neil poulsen
10-May-2005, 17:56
My understanding from a good source is that the light-light-black in the K3 inks makes a big difference on metamerism, minimizing or just about eliminating it for both color and b&w. The K3 ink set also expands the color gamut, when compared to the ultrachrome ink set.

The people I spoke with have done some extensive testing on the 4400, conducting linearizations, etc.

Eric Leppanen
11-May-2005, 01:08
www.josephholmes.com/news.html (http://www.josephholmes.com/news.html)

Daniel Blakeslee
11-May-2005, 04:43
I'm just happy that with each new generation of printers Epson comes closer to producing something really useful for B&W. But I fear that my eyes have been ruined forever by looking at too many large format contact prints on Azo. No form of digital photography may ever satisfy me now. Hope I'm wrong.

Michael Veit
11-May-2005, 05:44
I've never given digital printing a whole lot of consideration, but this thread made me curious so I checked out the epson site. Am I right that a full complement of inks for one of these printers could cost as much as $900.00? What would the capacity of such an inkset be? I realize there's probably no hard and easy answer to that question since the cartridges sound like they deplete at different rates, but still, anyone care to ball-park how many 16x20 prints you could get for that kind investment?

Edward (Halifax,NS)
11-May-2005, 06:10
Gene, I am saving up for an Epson 1280. Isn't that four generations old yet?

Ed Richards
11-May-2005, 06:52
As for ink costs, a few dollars a sheet - something I have not thought about: what does a sheet of 16x20 color or good b&w paper cost these days?

QT Luong
11-May-2005, 12:12
The commments by Joe Holmes (a true expert) indicate that most Ultrachrome issues have been solved, but not

For printing costs with the 7600/9600, see:
I would expect printing costs with the new printer to be similar.

BTW, Dan Smith provides this link for information (appreciated, but deleted thread for duplication):

Michael Veit
11-May-2005, 14:10
Thanks for the link, QT, it was very helpful.

Paul Butzi
11-May-2005, 15:17
My observed ink costs for printing on a 9600 are about $0.75/square foot of printed image area. That's printing toned monochrome images and the occasional full color image. That's the INK cost, and excludes the paper cost

As Tuan points out, the ink costs for the new printers are likely to be similar.

David R Munson
11-May-2005, 17:41
*starts putting spare change in a jar*

Thewe aren't going to be cheap, but I want one already. I am a big fan of mixed workflow, and the better the components on the digital side get (I dare say the silver side isn't undergoing any revolutionary changes at the moment), the better the results and the easier the methodology gets. I am excited.

Edward (Halifax,NS)
12-May-2005, 05:30
Ed Richards, 17X22 sheets of rag paper run about $3-5/sheet (plus tax and delivery).

Hahnemuhle Photo Rag 188 gsm
50 Sheets for $179.01

Bradford Rag - Brilliant White 250 gsm
50 Sheets for $154.98

Somerset Photo Enhanced Velvet
25 Sheets for $119.50

These prices are from Inkjetmall.com