View Full Version : Seiko shutter problem

3-Nov-2016, 15:23
Hi guys, it's been a while since i posted here.

I'm testing all my LF gear so i could start shooting again after almost 2 years shooting with Phone camera. :D

Ok, i had this Fujinon SW 80mm 1:8 lens (Single coated?) i've been using exclusively for my 617 camera. I never used the preview lever after calibrating the focusing for this camera long ago. I tested the shutter speeds and then tried the preview lever then it got stuck! I tried forcing the shutter then it went back to normal. I'm just curious what happened to this shutter? Are there any fix for the preview lever? looks like i have to use Bulb to calibrate my Travelwide 4x5! It just PITA. My Fuji 250 6.7 shutter works fine. Cock/Preview and then Fire.. But this small shutter always get stuck when doing this process. :( Any advice?