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Steve Bell
8-May-2005, 14:16
I gather the inside bottom of the Orbital Processor needs roughing up to stop negatives stickings. Whats the best way of doing this?

Once the negative is fixed, can it be effectively washed in the Orbital? Would it be better to wash a little, then transfer to something bigger such as a Yankee tank for better washing?

8-May-2005, 14:49
Hello steve,

The best way to 'stipple' the Orbital's base is by using a larger, rather than smaller, engraving bit in a dremel-style-tool. You will still have to sand out the burrs and it is a bit messy (best done in the garage or outside). Don't worry too much about how deep you 'engrave' the base, it's better to get a mixture of deeper channels within the not-so-deep bits.

And yes you can wash your neg's. I use ten changes of water, giving each bath a minute in the tank - with agitation - and at the same temp. as everything that went before it. Throw in 200-300ml of water each time.

The orbital processor is a great way of developing sheet film, and economical too. 60ml of dev. per four sheets of 4x5'' (or one 10x8''). Same for the fix; give it 10ml stock per sheet of 4x5'' and dilute out to 1:4 (200ml of fix in total for four sheets).

The only thing to watch out for is to let the tray spin freely. Make sure the lead (flex) doesn't obstruct it's motion. The tray should revolve in a 'procession' e.g. turn a full circle, albeit slowly; throwing in the dev. quickly should set it about - if not nudge it. That way you get complete agitation. Yes, i've learnt that the hard way - I once got dev. streaks from off the 'golf tee' bits.

Have fun, take care

Steven Kefford
9-May-2005, 11:01
Another way is to raise the sheet slightly above the base. Some have suggested an epoxy adhesive, but I have used a silicone sealant. Just run a few strips on the base, sufficient to support the size sheets you are using. It is less destructive, easier to apply, and possibly works better.