View Full Version : Shutter service intervals

John Dorio
24-Nov-1999, 10:56
What can be considered the average number of exposures will it take for the foll owing shutters to require service:

Copal (modern) Synchro Compur

Will the servicing just require CLA and what preventitive maintanence can be don e by users like us ?

24-Nov-1999, 20:07
Hi John, I don't know if you can answer the question in terms of frequency (number of exposures); lying in the bottom of a drawer is probably just as detremental to the performance. Over the course of time the oil dries up, that creates a problem. But, if the speeds are not right on, it seems as long as the speed is consistant and you know for sure what that speed is, then the shutter is serviceable to the photographer. Calument sells a shutter tester, and with it you can periodically assess the performance of anyone of your shutters. Then you can economically decide if sending them out for service is the thing you want to do.

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4-Jan-2002, 11:37
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