View Full Version : 80mm F2.8 Xenotar on Galvin 6x9 View Camera

Mark Erickson
8-May-2005, 12:24
I just picked up a very nice Galvin view camera and have a Xenotar 80mm F2.8 lens that I'd like to use with it. Turns out that the camera and lens won't make infinity focus on a standard Galvin board. The Galvin lens board is 5"x5", 2.3mm thick, and the Xenotar is in a Synchro-Compur #1 shutter. Any Galvanistas or other handy folks have any ideas regarding recessed board options? Maybe a slightly larger board that could be cut down? Any extra recessed Galvin boards out there?

Thanks in advance....

Kevin M Bourque
8-May-2005, 12:37
I had a Galvin some years ago. I find it hard to believe that an 80mm won't reach infinity. Are you sure nothing is out of kilter?

I just sold a Galvin recessed board on eBay a few monthe ago. You should check there.

Glenn Thoreson
8-May-2005, 22:06
The 80mm Xenotar is an exceptionally fine lens but as far as I know, it won't cover 6X9 very well, if at all. Maybe 6X7 and certainly 6X6. Most likely you won't be able to use any movements, even if it does cover 6X9 straight on.

Mark Erickson
9-May-2005, 09:18

I've been poking around on eBay and haven't seen a recessed board for sale--I must have missed your auction. Regarding making infinity, my Galvin is very clean and looks unmodified. When it's set up at minimum extension the rear standard arms touch the front standard and the focus isn't quite at infinity. The lens is in a #1 Compur shutter, which is pretty big compared to the #0 and #00 shutters of my other 6x9 lenses.

Anyone have any success modifying other recessed lensboards to fit a Galvin?