View Full Version : Glueing Patterson Orbital for use with 4x5 negs

Steve Bell
8-May-2005, 08:03
I've a Patterson Orbital Processor with motor drive I intend to use for developing B&W 5x4 negatives. Part of a clip inside broke while it was in transit to me. I was intending to glue it back with either super glue or an epoxy type such as araldite. Bearing in mind it will get wet and only heat to 20 deg C, what glue should be the longest lasting?

Richard Littlewood
8-May-2005, 11:47
Epoxy every time.

Donald Qualls
9-May-2005, 04:19
I'll second that -- and preferably one of the filled type, such as JB Weld or similar product (they'll usually emphasize their ability to glue metal). There is no better glue available to consumers, period.

Steve Bell
9-May-2005, 10:16
Thanks all. I have some quite old Araldite, I will ditch that and get some JB Weld. Its sold only a few doors from where I work. I'd hate for the inside part to drop down and let light in when developing some film.