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31-Oct-2016, 18:18
I just returned from the Large and Ultra-large format workshop run by Camera Commons in Dover, New Hampshire, USA - near Portsmouth


David Speltz and Richard Ritter co-taught the course over 4 days. Participants came with various degrees of familiarity with view cameras. David and Richard were very responsive to individual needs and everyone got a good dose of individual attention - in the class room, in the field and in the dark room.

It was a balance of class room instruction and field work and darkroom work. The darkroom work was optional for those who wanted it. They picked great locations that were ideal for view camera work - quaint and historic Portsmouth.

You could bring your own camera or they would supply one. They had 4 x 5 through 20 x 24 available - and sizes in between if you wanted it! They supplied everything and the were very well equipped. I got to use the Fine Art XXL 550.

Camera Commons has a gallery as well with impressive works by international, national and local photographers. You can't fully appreciate the work of Carl Austin Hyatt unless you are there with it.

You should watch the site for future large and ultra large format workshops and put the gallery on the list of places to visit when you are in New England

Francis Fullam
Chicago, Illinois





1-Nov-2016, 06:34
Cool! I have a print in their current (downstairs) show. It's a great place, I have thought about joining their monthly program too. Good to hear the LF workshop went well. that 20x24 looks like a beast! Post some images that you took with it if you get a chance.

7-Dec-2016, 15:28
Dang, just discovered this, have to check it out. I am only 40 miles from Dover.

7-Dec-2016, 17:26
We need something like that on the West Coast. Anyone want to offer up a course - say through Rayko? I can spare a ULF camera .....

8-Dec-2016, 07:21
smitty they are having a gallery talk in the next week or two, worth checking out probably. They also have an Analog photography meetup that meets there, that just started a month or so ago.

peter schrager
8-Dec-2016, 13:25
Couldn't ask for a better teacher than Richard Ritter. ..he knows cameras! !

8-Dec-2016, 21:11
I noticed they have something on Sunday, may give them a call.

John Layton
9-Dec-2016, 06:27
Smitty - to repeat/update an earlier post (in the Announcements section)...there will be a gallery talk/panel discussion at Camera Commons this Sunday, Dec. 11th from 2-4pm, featuring (alphabetically) Paul Caponigro, Carl Hyatt, John Layton, Richard Ritter, and Paul Wainwright - with the panel moderated by David Speltz. Should be interesting!

9-Dec-2016, 10:10
I'll probably drop by that thing on Sunday.

Bruce Barlow
9-Dec-2016, 11:43
Couldn't ask for a better teacher than Richard Ritter. ..he knows cameras! !

Teaching being only one of his many photographic talents. He's making daguerreotypes these days that are little jewels, for instance.

Not to mention that he's one of the finer human beings inhabiting the planet.