View Full Version : Kowa 150mm spacers

Seth Friedman
7-May-2005, 20:16
I have a recently purchased a Kowa 150mm f9 lens in barrel which I am going to mount in a Copal 1 shutter. The lens in barrel was mounted with a thin spacer, approximately .4mm thick. The lens also came with another spacer, approximately .83mm thick, in the original box. Can somone who has this lens mounted in a shutter tell me if it has either, both, or neither spacer used with the shutter? A very quick visual test appears to favor the thicker spacer alone, but it is really too close to call.

ronald moravec
8-May-2005, 05:47
The rule would be to measure the overall length in the old shutter and make it match in the new.
Vernier calipers are the cheapect tool for this.

You have three choices, thick, thin, and both.

tim atherton
8-May-2005, 07:32
This this from the Hutchins article in VC about the computars (and Kowas)

"The cell of 150 and 210 mm

barrel mounts will screw directly into a Copal # 1 shutter, with no adapters

required. Some times the barrel lens will come with thin spacers. The trick

is this, for center image use, the more spacers between the rear cell and

the shutter the better. For the corners of the image, no spacer is best.

This is why, in a shutter mount, we often see one spacer as the best overall

compromise. "