View Full Version : Please help me indentify these vintage brass lenses.

30-Oct-2016, 13:34
A friend from a local history organization got a large deal of cameras and asked me to identify a few brass lenses- I'm not getting far though - can you guys help me with either the correct focal length or something more about the brand? Perhaps its value?

1) Derogy No 3

2) unmarked F8 - F64 lens

3) Renaux Basel n. 2020 f7,7 - 72

4) Euryscope Superieur - f6 - f32


30-Oct-2016, 13:36
5) unmarked lens with clrcular diaphragm - could this be voigtlander series III?

6) Thornton Pickard Beck Symmetrical

30-Oct-2016, 14:20
It looks to me like you've identified them fine. What else would you need to know? Coverage and speed are too difficult to gauge with antique lenses, unless they're marked or you have an 1880s catalog handy. An unmarked lens is certainly not going to be a Voigtlander.

Steven Tribe
30-Oct-2016, 16:33
We don't do valuations here - but there is nothing here to get excited about.

The Renault is not common. They didn't last as a company very long. I think it is only Swiss maker apart from Suter. The Beck is one of commonest lens from its period.

31-Oct-2016, 03:01
Value apart from make and type is also based on the overall condition of the lens optically as well as cosmetic and functionality.

As Steven pointed out the Beck is very common, I paid very little for one in very good condition to put with a Thornton Pickard camera. No 5 the rotating thumb-wheel f stop isn't uncommon more typically found with Wide Angle lenses. Look at completed Ebay sales for lens values, or watch sales of similar lenses. Values are difficult, I've recently been sent two very clean lenses, optically perfect, along with a lot of repairs and when putting a value on them it's going to be what would I pay for similar lenses whether from Ebay, a dealer I use, or a Camera Fair and I don't pay high prices. Luckily in my case the volume of repairs means the seller will be getting a good deal.

You need to measure the approx focal lengths, focus a distant object on say a white wall and measure from the diaphragm to the wall distance that's the FL.