View Full Version : APO Symmar 360mm f6.8 filter size

29-Oct-2016, 16:24

What is the filter size of this lens please and what is the filter tread ?

What is the Cokin X Pro adapter for this lens ?

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Oren Grad
29-Oct-2016, 16:39
Per Schneider specifications, the filter thread for the 360mm Apo-Symmar is M 112 x 1.5.

Afraid I don't have the Cokin system specifications.

Eric Leppanen
29-Oct-2016, 17:49
According to Vistek's web site (https://www.vistek.ca/buyingguides/filters/manufacturers.aspx), Cokin stocks 112x0.75, 112x1.0 and 112x1.5 adapter rings for the X-Pro system. I believe B&H sells the 112x1.5mm version as the 112mm with "coarse" filter thread:


The photograph on the B&H link appears to be an error, the label on the adapter ring should read 112x1.5.

29-Oct-2016, 18:05
Super thank you very much for the info

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Alan Gales
29-Oct-2016, 18:53
Here you go.


Hope this helps.