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Bob Phipps
7-May-2005, 09:42

Few weeks ago I ask for info from anyone on pricing work for website use. I appreciated the replies.

Thought I would pass along what I found out froom three other working pros in scenic photography.

1] Website rights only, credit line with copy right symbol, encrypt if possible
2] charge $85 - $100 per shot [any format, any film - trans or B/W]

Best wishes. Bob

Dean Tomasula
7-May-2005, 10:02
Those prices are essentially useless unless you know how much traffic the web site gets. Does it get a lot of traffic or hardly any? Also, how long do they get to use the photos on their site -- one year, forever? Is the agreement exclusive or non-exclusive? Is it going to be used on a personal web site or a coporate site?

All these variables affect how to price your photos.

Anyway, those prices seem a bit low. I would charge at least $150 per photo if they are using multiple photos. I was recently contacted by a local real estate agent who wanted to use four of my photos on her web site. I charged her $250 each for non-exclusive use on the web site only for one year. The price to be renegotiated downward in a year.

Remember, you are in the business to make money, not give away your photos. Why sell yourself short. If the client really wants to use your stuff they'll pay for it (providing your prices are not too out of line for the market they're in).

Jay Lnch
7-May-2005, 17:35
I agree with Dean. Your pricing was very low.....

QT Luong
8-May-2005, 12:00
Personally, I'd agree to that price only if it is multiple image use, and the image is used on a secondary (not home page), and the image size on the web is fairly small, and the usage is limited to no more than 3 years, and a credit is given as an hyperlink, and it is a regional company. That's a lot of conditions. I trust you've seen the Seth Resnick price list that I posted on the other thread. With good clients, web use could fetch a lot.