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Philip Aragon
7-May-2005, 01:50
I attempted to unload my film holders and develop the film in an HP Combi tank. I did not want to use the spout and funnel to load the developer into the tank, so I placed a tank full of developer, with the lid on, into the changing bag along with the film holders full of film. The tank tipped over in the changing bag while I was attempting to get the film out of the holders and into the tank film holder. Some of the developer leaked out of the tank into the changing bag and onto the film holders. The developer did not enter the exposed film area of the holders, but the developer soaked into the felt areas and the changing bag itself. I attempted to clean out the film holders later with pouring rubbing alcohol into the felt area. It appeared to do the trick, but I wonder if that was a proper cleaning method. Some of the other entries suggested washing the holders in the dishwasher. Will this work also? I also attempted to clean out the changing bag (Calumet pop-up) with soap, water and a sponge, but the developer smell remains. Any suggestions there?

John Berry ( Roadkill )
7-May-2005, 03:06
I haven't done that one yet. I don't know about the dishwasher. I would worry about the flap material glue coming loose. I would wash them real good like film then hot water at the end to get them hot so water will dry faster. Then use a blow dryer to dry. You might have to let them sit and air dry for a while anyway. Another thought is electro contact cleaner on the holder to displace the water. wash the tent in the tub then let it air dry. You got no choice as I see it.Don't du dat no mo. John

John Cook
7-May-2005, 04:31
Back in the early 1940's my aunt spilled a whole bottle of 100% pure oil of citronella (a very strong insect repellent), all over the wool felt upholstered back seat of my uncle's big black Packard. The fragrance never came out.

The only solution was to sell the car.

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ronald moravec
7-May-2005, 08:37
Flush the felt trap wit water from the film area to outside. Developers are water solvent if not allowed to dry .

Donald Qualls
8-May-2005, 07:27
Can't really help you with the film holders, but for the changing bag, you might try turning it inside out and running in your washing machine with warm water on the "gentle" cycle. Detergent won't hurt, but probably isn't necessary; you're just trying to promote redissolution of the developer residue, and warm water with agitation is the trick there. Do avoid fabric softener, though; it leaves a residue that might cause fingerprints and such on your film.

To dry, turn the inner bag right side in again, but leave the outer bag inside out, and hang the bag with the ends propped open for air circulation.

Disclaimer: I haven't actually attempted this (your experience is proof I was correct in disliking the idea of liquids in my changing bag), and it's possible the washing could damage the rubberized coating of the inner bag -- but I wouldn't try to use it for changing film etc. with developer in it, anyway, so it may already be toast.