View Full Version : Orwo (Agfa East Germany) NP 27 characteristics

26-Oct-2016, 14:45

I could buy a batch of 1990 Orwo NP27 (400 ASA) 9x12 that should be in good condition.

does anyone remember the characteristics of this film (is is for example comparable to the Agfapan 400?
-film profile
-push characteristics
-any comparison to Fomapan 400?

thanks in advance. Maybe someone has worked with this film in former times...

26-Oct-2016, 15:24
I remember it to be a pretty grainy film. Which in some cases is nothing bad at all, quite the opposite.

karl french
26-Oct-2016, 17:42
I've been told it's the same as Fortepan 400. I have some in 10x12 inch. If so, it's a very nice film with a unique look. Yes, it's a bit on the grainy side. I shoot Fortepan 400 at 200 and develop in xtol 1:1.