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Richard Schlesinger
6-May-2005, 12:27
Can anyone tell me the purpose/use of the two knurled scews on the Beseler lens boards that fit the 45MCRX etc. enlargers? They push the board down and lock it in place when tightened, but get in the way. There doesn't seem to be any need to lock the board, as I drive carefully and avoid potholes when enlarging.

6-May-2005, 12:38
I think my Beseler uses the same lensboard all the 4x5s do and all I can say is what screws? Is this some new type board?

Graham Patterson
6-May-2005, 13:44
My Beseler 4x5 uses plain lensboards (except the ones with a light-pipe lens illuminator). They mount into two slots, one spring loaded. The only screws around the lensmount hold the spring slot in place.

I am not an authority on these devices, however, so oem variations may exist.

Richard Schlesinger
6-May-2005, 14:15
Mine also have the light pipe, but all four have two screws about 5mm in diameter and 10mm long with a nicely knurled head. They are located front and back, the light pipe determining the front, and after putting the lensboard in place they can be tightened, pushing the board down as there is some slop in the slot the board fits in. I have taped over all of them, as they are just something I bump into when adjusting the lens aperture. I've been kind of wondering about them for some time - they must cost Beseler something to add to the board (although at their $40.00 asking price for new boards they could afford solid gold). Just thought I'd ask and see if someone out there knows what . . .

7-May-2005, 19:18
You have one of the lensboards with two screws that help in aligning the lensboard with the negative stage. It is a fine control to help in getting the sharpest images possible from your gear

What Dan said.
This is a great feature especially with the older 45M's

Peter Graeffe
4-Jun-2005, 11:02
I have a 45mxt and have used lens boards with and without the screws. There is definately some slop in my lens board slot and the lens boards without the screws can easily get pushed out of position. The screws solve this problem by pushing the board snugly against the bottom of the slot. (If the screws are over extended - it can be difficult to fit the lensboard in the slot.)

Also, I used to have the knobs front and back - until I saw aome Beseler marketing materials with a diagram of lens board stage. They have the knobs on the sides. Seems to work either way.