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james mickelson
17-Sep-1999, 06:22
I am looking to purchase a long lens for my 4x5. I have 19" bellows draw and so therefore want to get a 19" lens. Other than macro, will I be able to use this l ens on my camera? I am looking at the Roddy 420 f9 APO Ronar, APO Nikkor 450 f10 , and the different red dot artars of 19" variety. There are also some process l enses of the 16 1/2" variety. Are these lenses sharp? What are the image circles on them for 4x5? What are the OD's? I have a good Alphax shutter which has a B& L 165 Tessar in it right now with a hell of a spacer in it and thought I might b e able to use it for one of these lenses. The shutter is a brute of a shutter. A bout the same size as an Ilex #4 or #5. I am going to use the long lens for scen e compression. What is your opinion of the contrast of these lenses? I have emai led lensandrepro for information but they seem too busy to respond other than to say they are busy. Any info would be appreciated. James

Chad Jarvis
17-Sep-1999, 08:10
I have a 450mm Goerz Red Dot APO Artar, which I find to be about as contrasty as I can handle when using T-Max. The lens is relatively lightweight, has a HUGE image circle (covers 11x14) is sharp as a tack and has a focal ratio of f/11, which works out to be... let's see here... quick math... about 1.6" in diameter. Mine is mounted in an Ilex #5, allowing it to be stopped down to f/64. This is by far the sharpest lens I own. I would recommend it to anyone...

HOWEVER: When the bellows of your camera are fully extended, you won't get much movement out of them.

Ron Shaw
17-Sep-1999, 11:21
If you have 19 in. of bellows extension, you would only be able to focus to infinity (if you are lucky). Almost any shot you make, you will be focusing to some hyperfocal point (closer than infinity). You will not be able to do this if you have max'd out you bellows.

Paul Schilliger
17-Sep-1999, 15:47
I have an old Apo-Ronar 9/360 and I can only praise this sharp and contrasty len s. Don't know about the others.

Chad Jarvis
18-Sep-1999, 10:35
Correction: My Artar is in an Ilex #4.

19-Sep-1999, 22:00
The Fuji and Nikkor 450's are good.

You could also look at a telephoto design such as the Nikkor 500mm - needs about 350mm of bellows draw to focus at infinity.

james mickelson
19-Sep-1999, 23:00
Thankyou all for the info. I am now the proud owner of a 19" artar. I will let know how it works out. James