View Full Version : Help identifying mystery Goerz barrel lens

19-Oct-2016, 13:40
Hello! I've had this knocking around my drawers for a while and was wondering if anyone had info about it! Thanks!

Heavy, with f stops from f/6.8-45, and no other information except what you see on the lens. The rear element has a matching serial but I can't seem to unscrew it so I don't know why they would stamp it twice. Just curious about the lens.

19-Oct-2016, 13:51
One would expect it to ne a Dagor or a Dogmar (Dialyte) but it's very late Goerz production. Maybe an enlarger lens or possibly maccro lens, biut with no FL marked it may have neen a special order.


Dan Fromm
19-Oct-2016, 13:52
Well, have you counted reflections?

neil poulsen
19-Oct-2016, 14:01
I picked up one of these for free. See the following link:


It's probably a factory coated Dagor. (From the serial number, and since it appears to be coated in the photo.) To determine focal length, use the lens to focus a distant light bulb onto a piece of paper. The distance of the paper from the lens when in focus, will give you an idea of the focal length. Mine was 210mm (8 1/4").

Steven Tribe
19-Oct-2016, 14:32
The K in the serial number is for Kenro.

Goerz traditionally had serial numbers on both lens cells. A single series III/Dagor cell could also be used as longer optic.

20-Oct-2016, 16:47
Hi Guys,

Koh303 let me know it is off a Kenro repro camera. If it's of any value to anyone, send me a PM I'll mail it to you