View Full Version : Comercial ektar 8 1/2" flash

18-Oct-2016, 08:47
I am the happy owner of a 8 1/2" ektar lens. It's pretty neat! I'd like to trigger a modern flash off of it (cactus v6 wireless trigger), but it only seems to have two prongs coming out of it for attaching a flash to it. Is this a "bi post receptor?" Where would be a good place to find cables for this kind of flash terminal?

Also, it seems like there's a separate shutter you need to engage for the flash? Where I can find info on this would be great.

18-Oct-2016, 09:57
I don't have an 8-1/2 but have a 12 inch, which Has a bigger Shutter than yours. The flash connection is called "bi-post". Get a cord made at Paramount web site or buy from B&H. My shutter has a separate cocking lever for the flash. So to use flash I have to cock both the shutter and the flash synch. There may also be a dial with numbers: milliseconds of delay. Make sure it is set correctly for the type of bulb you are using, or ZERO for electronic strobe. The shutter is somewhat unique and quite sophisticated in this respect. There are manuals available online that you can learn about both the intent and operation.