View Full Version : 8x20 negative Sleeves

18-Oct-2016, 00:23
I found a few threads that talked about this but they are quite a few years old. What are the current sources for storing ULF negs/paper negs? Or any other ideas to store such negatives?


karl french
18-Oct-2016, 08:00
Well, the usual source, Climax is out of stock and doesn't see production occurring any time soon. You can source archival paper envelopes from a variety of sources. I ended up just buying a 100 sheet packet of 16x20 archival interleaving from B&H. Those sheets work very nicely folded in half for 8x20 negative storage.

Jim Fitzgerald
18-Oct-2016, 12:57
For negative storage I've been using the bags from clear bags.com. The have many sizes.

18-Oct-2016, 15:18
Michael Smith sells 8x20 negative sleeves. http://lodima.org/archival-materials/archival-boxes/

19-Oct-2016, 06:14
thank you all for the information. I decided to try with the archival interleave paper for now.