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16-Oct-2016, 18:33
So I'm planning a trip to the Ukraine sometime next year but I don't have any clue about any large format photographers living in the Ukraine. Does anyone have any advice on what to photograph and what cities I should go to or avoid? What about large format supplies like film and etc if I need to get extra film while I'm there? I know I want to go to the Oleshky sands for sure because it reminds me of Oceano Dunes. Can anyone give me some advice or any info I might not have found yet? I appreciate everyone's input.

Thanks Brian

18-Oct-2016, 02:25
You don't say what your nationality is, but do take care to keep up-to-date with your country's advice on travel to the Ukraine. Next year is too far ahead to predict the political and military position.

Learning some Russian would be quite useful (also Ukrainian I suppose) and you have the time to do so, but contacts will probably be shepherding you around anyway I guess. Odessa is a well known old city, or a trip down the Dnepr would not be unimpressive. Even Pripyat is 'popular' for certain sorts of tourist. There is a lot to see.

20-Oct-2016, 10:00
@Martin I'm American!

I know the political and military position can change at the drop of a hat. It was like that in Afghanistan during the elections. I'm just wondering if there was some large format photographers that might like to get together while I'm there to swap stories and etc. I do have one person that lives there that I'm planning on meeting up with so some of the communication will not be too difficult. My head will always be on a swivel no matter what country I visit. Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions.