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Jose Luiz Vasconcellos
16-Sep-1999, 22:06
I'm considering buying this lens in order to use it in landscapes. It is a big l ens mounted in a synchro-compur shutter. Researching many, many issues of Shutte rbug I could not find any informations about it, nor in this forum. Does anybody know the specs of this beast? Can it cover a 5x7?

Bob Salomon
16-Sep-1999, 22:15

Jose Luiz Vasconcellos
17-Sep-1999, 11:56
I received the most laconic answer of this page but the more correct. I asked the guy who is selling the lens to experiment it and the Grandagon barely covers 4x5. But it is a beautiful lens, I don't own a w.a. in this lenght and I think it is cheap: about U$ 280,00. So, Mr. Salomon, abusing of your patience, I would like to ask is there are another drawbacks concerning this beast. What for it was produced with so small coverage? Thank you very much.

Bob Salomon
17-Sep-1999, 12:16
The only info we have on this lens is from an old Linhof book which shows it having a coverage of 165mm. The book was copyright in 1973.

Our oldest Rodenstock dealer catalog only lists the price of the lens in 1975 in Copal 0 shutter. At that time it was $995.00 list. However it had already been discontinued as the 1975 data sheet on Grandagons does not include it.

tom meyer
17-Sep-1999, 21:43
I've been using a 90mm F4.5 Grandagon for about 10 years on my old Tech III. Works fabulously well with the drop bed and a slight rise. The rear element fits in the front standard like it was made to fit. It's sweet spot (my lens) is F22.5, with plenty DOF there.

I once put it on my 8x10 Deardorf and it damn near covered that at infinity, just losing the corners...t

james mickelson
19-Sep-1999, 19:47
The lens was designed to cover 2x3. I had a small 80 f4.5 I think and it wouldn't cover my Speed. I asked my old camera store guru and he said the 80mm lenses were designed for 2x3s and some polaroid work. He's been in the camera bussiness since the 40s so I take it at that. James

Brian Rowland
10-Oct-2000, 06:49
The Rodenstock Grandagon 80/5.6 is a truly outstanding lens - producing a surprisingly "brilliant" image - a bit like the Biogon 38 used on the Hasselblad SWC. The negs are are always a pleasant surprise! The downside is coverage: It only just covers 4X5 at infinity. Not recommended for 5X7.

I also own a more "advanced" 90/4.5 Grandagon which prooduces a much larger image circle - but in my opinion this is a fairly ordinary lens