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Mark Sawyer
3-May-2005, 23:47
I was considering posting a few photographs of an "educational" nature to the forum, but have noticed that very few others have been posted here, even though they might pertain to a topic being discussed. I checked the forum guidelines and found no comment on it one way or the other, so I thought I'd just ask: are there any guidelines, protocols, or restrictions on posting images? (I'd hate to eat up valuable bandwidth against the wishes of the forum sponsors or group.)

There are two sets of images (maybe 6-8 per set) I was thinking of: a set regarding the 75mm hypergon lens compared to a few other lenses, and a set of images by George Grant, the first National Park Service photographer, who worked in large format but is largely unknown.

I'd set up web sites to refer people to, but don't currently have an ISP that supports this. Also, please bear in mind that technologically, I'm a troglodyte, and a cheap one at that. Thanks, all!

Jan Virtanen
4-May-2005, 03:50
I think it would be great if someone did a few photos illustrating using of movements in different
situations to get the optimum plane of focus, some tims its hard for newbies figure out when in real world should use movements or not. I mainly shoot architechture, and now i have completed my
first box of FP4+ 5x7 :)

David A. Goldfarb
4-May-2005, 06:45
This is a topic that comes up occasionally. The solution is to post the images somewhere on the net and link them to the forum, either as links or inline images. Click on "Formatting Help" right above the response box when you post for instructions (and make sure your pop-up blocker is off for this site).

If you don't have your own website, there are some free image hosting sites around the net, and maybe someone who has one they particularly like could recommend it.

Ralph Barker
4-May-2005, 07:30
Most not-for-profit forums like this are not configured for image uploads due to storage and bandwidth issues (actually, the costs associated with the latter). Similarly, most of the "free" image hosting sites aren't really free - you pay for them by viewing the ads on the various pages as you click through to the image. As such, most of them do not allow "external references" to images, as they want you to view the ads. Thus, the most reliable solution is getting your own website through a hosting provider that does allow external references (and thus inline image posts or links). Some are available at as little as $5-10/month.

Here are a couple of possibilities:


http://www.photogserver.net/ - note: they are migrating to a new server, and currently unavailable

Nitish Kanabar
4-May-2005, 11:29

You want to try one of the numerous hosting sites. photo.net and usefilm.com are quite popular. Usefilm has free membership that allows you to upload one image a day and their paid membership (minimum US$25.00, I believe) allows you to upload 3 images each day.

Mark Sawyer
4-May-2005, 13:11
Thanks, guys! I've been checking into the suggested sites, and am leaning towards APUG, as it seems to allow you your own ddedicated site, as opposed to usefilm.com and photo.net, which seem to only allow you to post images to their geallery space. I may also find an ISP that has web-site hosting, as I just heard my ISP was bought by Earthlink and will be shut down.