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Eliseo Pascual
11-Oct-2016, 23:40
Without a press, flattening prints can be problematic. Here is a simple way that is working for me.

I work on 11x14. I have cut three glass pieces about 5 mm thick and slightly larger that this size. After washing the prints and leaving the extra water to run out, I place them lying flat emulsion up on newspaper pages (the prints did never stained with ink!) and let them dry. After that may be better if a minimal residual wetness remains in the emulsion I place the prints emulsion down on a sheet of clean watercolor paper and cover it with a sheet of black cardboard. Then I cover that with the two remaining pieces of glass to flat the print and put it under the sun leaving them there between 15 and 40 minutes depending on strength of the sun light -. The black cardboard absorbs the sun energy end heats up. After this time the print is flat and separates well from the sheets of watercolor and black cardboard. To avoid some minor curling when the print colds, I put it in a big enough book placed under a few more, and let it there for some time. If the number of prints to be flattened is not large this appears a very convenient way.

I live in the Mediterranean cost of Spain where especially in the summer sun is strong; in other latitudes times may be different, or perhaps this could be done under an infrared lamp allowing standardization -. Interested to see whether this works for others and get opinions.

Eliseo Pascual

Eliseo Pascual
11-Oct-2016, 23:50
I mean fiber based paper


12-Oct-2016, 00:10
That's nice Eliseo, I'll try that and see how flat it comes, thanks for your suggestion,



12-Oct-2016, 00:50
You would do better to make fibreglass screens to lay the prints on. Newspapers will transfer acid into the fibre paper and can have a negative effect on the expected life of the print.
Check carefully the composition of the watercolor paper and especially the cardboard. they can be major acid and pollutant holders as well.

Eliseo Pascual
12-Oct-2016, 02:07
Thank you, these are important tips Eliseo