View Full Version : Build your own UV light box?

10-Oct-2016, 17:21
Has anyone built one of these? Seems rather simple to buy a few ballasts, switches, bulbs, fan and cut a wood box for a UV light source for contact printing. Is there anything special about printing UV sensitive paper that i'm missing?

Tin Can
10-Oct-2016, 17:36
Go to the bottom of this page and look at similar threads.

11-Oct-2016, 09:48
Nothing your missing. I mounted mine up exactly that way. Note you can get bulb holders and stick a single screw in the center of them to hold them in place. My basic design was to lay out the holders on a 12x12 board then I just added 4 legs to that board and turned it over. The ballasts and switches go on the opposite side of the board. Someday I will get around to adding sides, but without sides their is less ventilation/heat concerns. It doesn't need to be complicated or pretty.

11-Oct-2016, 09:58
i bought a sun tanning thing off of eBOINK
and suspend it in a wooden peach crate ..
the whole thing cost me less than $30 ..
its not as effective as something giant but it was cheap.
in the end i just use the sun ( there pretty often and... free )

D. Bryant
11-Oct-2016, 10:32
Yes I 've built several. The most critical element is to be certain of the wave length of the fluorescent tubes. You need to use something similar to this bulb:


This one specs. 350 nm. Of course you don't need to use 4 foot tubes.

Good luck.

D. Bryant
11-Oct-2016, 10:34
Doesn't seem to be much there. What are you using?