View Full Version : Renting 8x10 View Camera + standard lens / tripod in LA?

10-Oct-2016, 10:38
I'm travelling to LA over 10/23-> 10/25 and rather than bringing my camera I wondered if anyone still rented them?

I tried samys and one other shop but everyone seem to say they didn't rent anymore.

Anyone know better?


Bill Dwyer

Daniel Stone
12-Oct-2016, 20:38
You might state what camera you might be interested in? Lots of us here in LA(sorry I no longer shoot 8x10, just 4x5), but do live in LA :)


13-Oct-2016, 00:46
Did you check with PIX photo on La Brea???

Steve K

peter schrager
13-Oct-2016, 08:00
Sammys..camera on Fairfax

13-Oct-2016, 18:25
Peter, I did talk to sammys and they apparently just got rid of their rental 8x10.
Steve, I'll check PIX out.. Thanks,
Dan, I'm basically looking for any field/mono camera with a standard lens.

I figured in LA there would be a rental option, I'm from Cleveland, Ohio and we have a 4x5 rental available at our only good size camera outfitter. Honestly don't have a real important reason to shoot, I just thought it would be a fun thing to do whilst in LA. 4x5 would be OK too, perhaps I'll look for that option at Sammys.