View Full Version : Anyone know where to find a Horseman 45 HF for parts??

9-Oct-2016, 01:13
I'm looking for a Horseman 45 HF camera for parts as I broke off a piece of plastic on the front standard. This is a long shot but does anyone happen to have or know where to find a beat up Horseman 45 HF? Or, since the 45 HF is hard to come by, does anyone know if there are other Horseman cameras that have the same front standard as the 45 HF? So far there was no luck finding a replacement part in Japan or anywhere else so right now the only option left is finding another camera. Any help is very much appreciated!

9-Oct-2016, 08:05
I was able to repair my Horseman 45 FA back, but also scanned this forum and e-bay for a few months. Eventually I found another entire GG back at a reasonable price. Keep looking, eventually something may show up. Which part is it? The front standard on the 6x9 Horseman cameras is nearly identical.

16-Oct-2016, 01:19
Thanks for the tip! The 6x9 Horseman cameras do indeed seem to have nearly the same front standard so now I'm hunting for a cheap Horseman VH-R :)

Armin Seeholzer
16-Oct-2016, 02:21
My HF is still okay, so I have to nock on wood!