View Full Version : A question on cleaning plastic reels

8-Oct-2016, 18:36
Last, week, I accidentally bought a used Jobo reel from Latvia. When it arrived, I figured I'd better clean it as who knows what process(es) the previous owner was running on that reel. I soaked it for 48 hours in a strong solution of dish soap, then scrubbed each reel half down aggressively with a stiff-bristled scrub brush. During the scrubbing a LOT of dark gray foam flew off and splattered everywhere, so the reel was obviously dirty. Then I soaked the reel for 24 hours in a citric acid solution (10g/L) and scrubbed it with dish soap a second time. On the second scrubbing, the soap suds stayed bright white.

Am I done or should I also soak it for 24 hours in a sodium sulfite solution? I've used a soap and an acid, so I'm wondering if I should soak it in a base as well just to make sure I've got it as clean as possible.

What do you guys think?

9-Oct-2016, 14:02
It seems overkill already, but I am also waiting for such a reel from Latvia; it will arrive in a week or so. Might have to do same as you.

Jim Michael
9-Oct-2016, 18:39
Phosphoric acid based bathroom cleaners work well for cleaning photo sludge.

9-Oct-2016, 19:55
I will keep this in mind, thank you.