View Full Version : Burzynski ballhead under an 8x10 monorail?

Lars Åke Vinberg
2-May-2005, 18:36
Has anyone used the Burzynski ballhead with heavier 8x10 monorails? I have been looking at this ballhead for a while now, haven't taken the plunge yet though.

Bjørn Rørslett's review is quite inspiring: http://www.naturfotograf.com/burzynski.html

The head fits _recessed_ directly on my Gitzo 3/4/5-series tripods, thereby replacing the head mounting plate instead of sitting on top of it. The pivot center will be extremely low, which is important with 8x10. It doesn't do 90 degree tilt but that is of course not an issue with LF.

I spoke with the folks at Really Right Stuff about this head, they said they had tried it and were not impressed with its smoothness when panning - but panning is hardly an issue with 8x10.

The head sells for €332 at Isarfoto in Germany, I have not found it for sale anywere else.

Sal Santamaura
2-May-2005, 20:19
Can't help with the "heavy 8x10 monorail" configuration, but I have one on a 1325 under my 8x10 Phillips Compact II and, even with full extension and a 600mm Fujinon C attached, it resists any leverage of strong hand pressure put on the camera's extremities. There is no separate panning mechanism -- one simply loosens one of the two clamping knobs -- but as you say, panning is really not an issue with this type/size camera. I've found smoothness of movement to be fine with the Phillips + lens mounted on it, using a Really Right Stuff large lever clamp and Kirk 4"x4" quick release plate.

Lars Åke Vinberg
4-May-2005, 21:55

Thanks for your reply. How do you find using a QR platform with 8x10, in terms of stability? I tried using an RRS clamp but there was some flex I couldn' t eliminate.

Sal Santamaura
5-May-2005, 05:11

The 80mm long RRS clamp plus *large* Kirk plate result in excellent stability under my Phillips Compact II; no detectible flex. Your heavy monorail might be a different situation, especially if the plate contact area is significantly smaller.

Vincent Malaud
2-May-2010, 15:21
I know this is an old post but maybe the initial poster (or others) can get us some feedback after 5 years of use of his "Burzynski ballhead with heavier 8x10 monorails"?