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David Grandy
22-Nov-1999, 23:52
I was just looking through the wonderful Wisner catalog and started reading abou t their 20X24 field camera. It left me wondering if anyone currently makes lens es for that beast and if tray processing would be the only way to process that s ize film.

Any comments?

Natha Congdon
23-Nov-1999, 00:37
I have been told that the Fujinon 600 f11.5 lens, which is currently made, and which I own, will cover 20 X 24. Fuji lists the coverage as 620 mm, or slightly over 24 inches, but I imagine it could be more if stopped down and focused at closer than infinity, as is usually the case for the studio cameras. I'm unaware of any other currently- made lenses that cover, but am prepared to be shown up by a flood of LF erudition by other posters.


Nze christian
23-Nov-1999, 04:10
hello for this size camera it is better to take a look to old lens (protar and goerz). some new lens will cover if you use doctar (600 to 1000). the normal lens in this format is a 800 so you should first see that there isn't a lot of this lens made today (you need a non tele formula lens). for the developement I now a friend who made it in tray but Iwould say that it is easier in tube.

nze christ

sheldon hambrick
23-Nov-1999, 15:13
There are plenty of long focal length used process lenses for sale one Ebay every day.

Chris Partti
23-Nov-1999, 19:50
Wisner has a table of classic lenses for 20x24 on his web site at http://www.wisner.com/20x24lens.htm.