View Full Version : Processing TXP320 VS HP5 differences in pyro?

8-Oct-2016, 09:20
Hello group.

I have been shooting txp320 now for a good year and a half. However times are tough and I need to restock on film. I've recently read many good things about hp5 and combined with the astonishing price difference in sheet film it has really caught my attention.

I would have already purchased the HP5 if it were not for my inexperience processing it. I was hoping someone on this forum had worked with both stocks and could provide some insight.

I usually process TXP320 in pyrocat hd 1:1:200 at 70* for 28 minutes semi stand in trays (slosher).

Would this technique yield favorable results with HP5? I have also seen the massive dev chart but it doesn't have any real pertinent info on this aside from showing me that it seems HP5 usually requires a bit more dev time than TXP320 under similar (but not the same) development circumstances.

bob carnie
8-Oct-2016, 09:39
I have processed HP5 and TXP now in PMK for about 25years, they are very similar and I would suggest not changing a thing right now and process as you usually would and see for yourself, I think you will be ok.

8-Oct-2016, 10:12
Thanks Bob, that's what I was hoping to hear. I am sure there will be tweaks to be made but I wouldn't want to sacrifice too much film, as I mentioned I am still a struggling student/artist

bob carnie
8-Oct-2016, 10:23
To be honest I never changed the time and it worked for me , good luck.

8-Oct-2016, 10:56
That's really encouraging. The price difference is significant.