View Full Version : any experience using a Manhattan Optical Lens?

Liquid Artist
7-Oct-2016, 14:56
I just took a chance buying this http:/http://m.ebay.com/itm/Manhattan-Optical-Co-of-NY-CRESSKILL-N-J-No-5-quot-Emil-quot-WIDE-ANGLE-8x10-BRASS-LENS-/282198100240?txnId=0/ Manhattan Optical lens, thinking that even if it's a paper weight it will still look beautiful on my new to me Century 8x10. ( my cameras are always props in the tourist industry )

However I am of course hoping that it has good optics.

Since it will be a while before I can try it, I am wondering if anyone has any experience using a Manhattan Optical lens.
If you do, do you like the results you achieve with it?

7-Oct-2016, 15:42
Have not used that particular brand, but I buy lenses of similar vintage simply to get a vintage look.

Kent in SD

Liquid Artist
18-Oct-2016, 08:55
thanks Kent,
The lens has arrived, and it is beautiful.
I was amazed how small it is. That's a quarter beside it in this photo.
That also means that I was amazed how light weight it is.
They claim that it covers 8x10. I will see after I get some lens boards made.

Oh, I found a web page on it along with it's family of lenses.
It's the Lux # 5.
I don't have a Wide LF lens and wanted one. So 7 1/4" on my 8x10 sounds like something I may have fun with.