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John Kasaian
2-May-2005, 16:12
My F&S Banquet camera is missing it's handle. I do have the metal pieces though. On the 'dorff, the metal pieces are fastened with split rivets and the bellows have to be removed from the rear standard to attach a new handle. Is this the same proceedure for Folmer and Schwing Banquets? If so, how do I detach the bellows from the rear standard? The back isn't removable reversible or anything like that. I can pop off the gg though.

The leather strap itself isn't a problem---its getting it attached that has me stumped.

Any ideas? Suggestions? Practical experience?


Ralph Barker
2-May-2005, 16:20
Am I correct in assuming the rivet holes go through the top of the rear-standard frame, and in front of the bellows attachment point? If so, any chance of slipping a machine screw (with washer) in from the bellows side? A brass cap nut on the top side would finish it off nicely, and would likely be more robust than the split rivets.

John Kasaian
2-May-2005, 16:40

Maybe theres enough room, maybe not. On the 'dorff there are three screws on each side of the standard that hold the bellows frame on and the bellows fit flush against the rear standard, so no room for a machine screw head unless some wood is relieved.

How the bellows attach to the F&S Banquet OTOH are a mystery to me. Is the bellows frame screwed on from the inside? My problem is how to get the bellows off the rear standard(if it is neccesary---I don't know for sure as alas, there isn't an Owner's Manual.

Ernest Purdum
2-May-2005, 17:07
Luggage shops run across this sort of problem. Some of their replacement handles buckle on, so that only the handle part has to be replaced. You might have to wind up with kind of an ugly arrangement, definitely not "original" if that's important to you, but removing the bellows is rather frightening.

One possibility might be to have a leatherworker make up a strap with loops on the ends which woiuld pass through the metal pieces. Pins could then be put through the ends of the loop to keep them from pulling back out.

John Kasaian
2-May-2005, 18:06

That would be my first thought too, except the metel pieces(what are they called? Brackets? Eyes??) are already off the camera. They were that way when I got the camera some time ago. Since the Beast never went far from home I could get by without having a handle, but I'd like to try going out on the road (especially with a 19" dagor on the way!) and a handle sure would be a nice thing to have aboard her.

Michael Kadillak
2-May-2005, 18:09
My original F&S has a heavy leather handle from which a leather thin end extends that goes under the brass ring and buckles on each end to secure it. The brass extends to holds the leather handle is held in place by two sets of heavy duty rivets.

The bellows attaches to the camera with screws from inside the bellows along the edge of the final pleat.

Hope this helps.


John Kasaian
2-May-2005, 20:09
Thanks Michael. I'll pull the gg off and see whats in there.

Steve Clark
2-May-2005, 20:44
Rather than struggle with that same problem, I went to a local tack shop and found a chest strap the right width with an appropriate buckle on it. The only thing I had to do was cut it to length, as horses are generally a bit bigger than Deardorfs...

Walt Byrnes
31-May-2005, 21:35
If the opening is for the strap will let you pass the leather strap through it and you can skive the end and use an awl to pre-punch holes you could pass it through the strap fitting and sew it back on itself.I think your in L.A. and there are a few places in Burbank on Riverside Drive by the Equestrian Center by Disney studios that could help or a shoe repair shop.Electronic mail me if you need more details. walt