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1-Oct-2016, 08:27
Now that this auction is over (142124222695), I wonder if anybody has any thoughts about the shutter release on this lens. It appears to replace the air actuated release sometimes lost on the studio shutters.
I wonder if it is an alteration of something like an AutoKnips or Prontor type time release, without the time release.
Home made? Factory made?
Any body seen anything like this?

1-Oct-2016, 09:47
Not sure why that number does not work but here is the description
Pinkham & Smith P&S Visual Quality Series IV No 3 14" Rare Soft Focus Lens
Sep 27, 2016 , 8:11PM
There were two videos that have disappeared. they just showed that the release was armed by pushing down on the tab plunger on the top and the unit was fired by a standard release screwed in in the side.

1-Oct-2016, 10:31
Not sure why that number does not work

You have to use Advanced Search and tick the [ ] Completed Auctions box.

1-Oct-2016, 10:51

3-Oct-2016, 10:56
The video is back up for this shutter release in an active listing now.
If someone can help post a picture of the release here or better yet the video, that would be nice.

3-Oct-2016, 16:37
I had a Verito briefly and hated that Studio shutter.

Here's some links to the videos in that auction (no relation to the seller, FYI, so the video may disappear at any time):


3-Oct-2016, 16:38
Second video (you can only link one per post for some reason):


Jim Galli
4-Oct-2016, 09:03
Sorry I didn't get to this when asked. If you're familiar with these primitive beasts you'll recall that in instantaneous mode (about 1/5th second) the cable on later ones, or bulb on earlier ones simply pushes a lever that sticks out the side of the body uphill as quickly as you can cycle it. Up is open, down is closed. So a simple catch and release that goes past the lever when cocked and pulls it up under spring pressure and slides off the lever letting it return is all that would be needed. Somebody making a better mouse trap circa 1920. First of it's type I've seen, so probably a rarity.