View Full Version : Early French lens catalogues on-line

Steven Tribe
30-Sep-2016, 02:03
These are quite expensive to purchase - I have seen them around 300 usd recently.

Perhaps we could write up the on-line catalogues we come across? It is often just a case of checking focal lengths so ownership is hardly necessary! Cameraeccentric is not a great help. I do know there is a single fairly good source of data in France - the name escapes me to-day.

This one is from 1860 for Derogy. Most the catalogue is filled up with "uninteresting" items, but does include basic details of lenses produced and sizes. You can enter from the postage stamp images or use the table of contents.


I'll post more if/when I find them.

The source (General) in france is c/o Sylvain Halgand at


And an 1846 catalogue from Lerebours & Secretan showing the limited lens products!


30-Sep-2016, 07:04

I think this one is very helpful for antique lenses in general. It is not a catalogue but it is plenty of information. I guess it is well known but, just in case... here is the link:


Steven Tribe
30-Sep-2016, 09:36
Yes "dioptique" is superb for individual lens designs, refractive indices etc. But it doesn't attempt to give information of the type found in lens makers' catalogues, sizes made in particular series, focal lengths and intended coverage.